A new way of living.

August 12, 2008
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Here is the lovely Sarah. She’s an amazing friend and is genuine in her interactions and walk with the Lord. Here is her perspective.

Blogger: Sarah Chambers

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Hometown: Dallas

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Favorite verse/passage: Philippians 4: 6-7

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Job: 4th grade teacher


At first when asked to write for this blog, I thought I would need to focus in on my experiences with one particular community I am currently apart of. In trying to determine which community I would write about, I had to take a minute and appreciate the joy in that and consider the irony. Two and half years ago I didn’t know what terms such as “biblical community” and “living life together” meant. Though I grew up in a Christian home; I never went to church, rarely hung out with other believers, and more or less lived life for my enjoyment alone. I don’t think I have perfected my definitions of living in community, but now I have actual experiences to gain understanding from. Back then I didn’t surround myself with others that pointed me toward anything really much less Christ. And yet I had friends, laughter, and fun. So what is the difference? What makes this “biblical community” an improvement in my life instead of just a new way to live?

I am a pretty messed up person frankly. I suffer from selfishness, pride, insecurity, control, body image….etc. Some of the ways I have coped with my deficiencies have included alcohol, shopping, starving myself, turning to food, and of course boys. When I started going to church and joined a community group two years ago I still lived this lifestyle, I just had another one on the side. Then something happened, I began to really get to know these girls and became involved with their lives as they became involved with mine. I’m not new to this experience of making friends or anything; I haven’t lived in a cave up until 2 years ago, but these girls were different. They cared how I was living my life. It made a difference to them if I had two drinks or five. They told me to my face that I looked unhealthy and needed to gain weight. But most importantly they loved me through everything and constantly encouraged me to hold onto the promises in God’s word, that Jesus loves me and died on the cross so that I could be free from the life I was living.

It hasn’t been just one person that I can point to and say yes this person has gotten me to this place, and I would be a hypocrite to leave out that ultimately it is God’s grace that has enabled any growth in my life. Rather this collection of experiences with other believers, this “biblical community” has changed my life. Do I have friends now? Yes. Do I still have fun and laugh? Of course. The difference is the joy. The joy in living for Christ and the blessing of friends who love me where I am yet continually point me to Jesus.