Mini-revelations.. and the beginning of something exciting. | August 11, 2008

‘Revelation’ seems like such a big word. Adding ‘mini’ in front of it makes me feel better and somewhat justified in using such wordage.

I’ve had some interesting conversations with several people recently about the local church. I think the fact that part of my job at RightNow is to talk to pastors that may or may not feel the necessity for a young adult ministry. When I get to talk to the few leaders whose hearts are burdened for this generation, I could talk to them for hours. I love hearing their passion about raising up leaders in the local body. I think it’s important for us as young adults to be active and making a difference in the world instead of behind computer screens or Guitar Hero. [Which trust me, this is harder for me than for some.]

After a few lengthy discussions with leaders on the opposite side of the spectrum, I discovered something-

It is very easy to criticize the Church.

I know, right?

I say this because I’m guilty of flinging around definitions, explanations and accusations in a single breath. I’m currently reading Shane Claiborne’s The Irresistible Revolution. I will admit, I was and am still a bit hesistant about this fellow’s book. I’m usually fairly hesistant until I’m halfway through the epilogue. Something he said in the foreword really resonated with me. Well, there are a few things but in particular he made mention of “a movement bubbling up that goes beyond cynicism and celebrates a new way of living, a generation that stops complaining about the church it sees and becomes the church it dreams of“. Wow. That’s pretty cool, I don’t care if you’re an Evangelical, Emergent, Emerging, Calvinist or all of the above [ha].

While I could write about how the 3rd chapter of the book brought me to tears and the 4th challenged me as well as encouraged me, I’ll refrain. I’ll leave you to pick up a copy. 😉

For the next several weeks, this will be a place for believers to write on their perspective on life. I’m super stoked about this for there will be such a beautiful display of many different observations on faith, love, community and the church in general.  Here it goes:

Blogger: Krystal Mullins

Me with some girls from my small group, 4th of July weekend

[L to R: Christy, me, Ashley, Sarah]

Hometown: Arlington by birth, Austin by choice

Favorite coffee drink: The made up ones that the Watermark coffee crew concoct with espresso, mocha and more. Holla.

Favorite verse/passage: Isaiah 51:12-16.. it puts things into perspective. I know it’s random and obscure.. but that’s me.

Currently reading/watching: This awesome old guy at a coffee shop playing the banjo. A-mazing!


I have been surrounded with some amazing brothers and sisters in Christ.

I have experienced community on large and small scales. [I’m getting kind of tired of typing and speaking the word “community” but I’m not aware of a suitable Thesaurus replacement.] Whether it’s a missions debrief discussing how God worked through the hearts of people and the hands and feet of missionaries or whether it’s chatting at a Starbucks, a meeting place exactly halfway between residences, God uses the words and actions of fellow believers as reminders. Reminders that the Lord is in everything. Not just the “ministry” within the four walls of church but life in general. The coffee shop. The workplace. Concert venues. Porches and patios. Newly moved-in apartments. God’s love has been infiltrating my heart in ways I wouldn’t have expected.

Living and participating in communities of faith is hard. Not only hard, it’s near impossible. Why? Because we are selfish and about 1,839 other reasons why, left to our own devices, we will never experience life together.

That’s where the Spirit comes in. Good thing, too.

That’s when hard truths are spoken in love. Intercession becomes, not a practice of duty, but a real way to experience the love of our Savior. Meeting early one morning for coffee is a blessing and not just another thing to pencil in on our calendars. The Word comes alive, not a list of do’s and dont’s. I don’t know how to punctuate multiple of the word “don’t”. Two apostrophes or what..any suggestions?

Anyway, with all of this to say, it’s the church that I dream of. I catch glimpses of it over coffee and over the phone, at work and at gatherings. I’m incredibly blessed with the girls I have the pleasure of hanging out with and meeting with on a consistent basis. They encourage me to not settle for less than what the Lord has for me. They are also way fun and have cute clothes I can borrow. All fashion aside, I hope to be a person of faith that can step out and help in cultivating this elusive concept of community… and use more alliterations as they are also alluring in allegories and awesome artifacts of the Amazon. I don’t know.

The Lord has stretched my understanding of what it means to have a faith to live out in this world and a Love to share with those around me that, like myself, desperately need it.

Each week will be a new blog posting..hopefully. Next up.. Miss Sarah Chambers. 🙂 Watch out, this girl can blog up a storm..


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